Fancy Prayer Not Required

Do you ever stumble over your words when you pray? You hear other people offer eloquent prayers. You hear these well-crafted masterpieces and compare your own prayers which you believe are anything but well-crafted masterpieces.

“I’m not eloquent enough,” you and I think. We tell ourselves, “My prayers are just not good enough.” The Bible says differently though.

Jesus, in teaching his disciples about prayer, shows us prayers do not have to be fancy. Eloquent words are not necessary. Well-crafted masterpieces are not required. We can just be ourselves in the conversation of prayer.

We Can Be Ourselves

Prayer is a conversation between our dad and us.

Luke 11:2 says, “When you pray, say, ‘Father….”

It is impossible to realize the full potential of our prayer life unless we understand who God is and who we are before him. Understanding this can relieve the fear of not being fancy enough in our prayers.

Who is God?

God is our father, our dad, our daddy. He has our best interests at heart and wants to provide for us. He is a caring, loving dad who has already given us his son. This shows you and I how deeply he cares for us.

Who are we?

We are God’s children.

Romans 8 says, “The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.”

Being God’s kids means he is going to look out for us. He will open doors needing opened, and close doors needing closed. He will take care of us.

So What?

Since God is our dad and we are his kids, we do not have to worry about the words we use when we pray. Dad doesn’t mind if we stumble a little. He doesn’t mind if our sentences are not always cohesive. Daddy doesn’t mind if we do not pronounce every word correctly. He doesn’t require eloquence.

God is thrilled when we talk with him. We do not have to let of how well we do it stop us. He just wants to talk with us.


Try praying as if you are having a conversation. Don’t worry about being well-spoken. Just talk. Share how it helps your prayers in the comments below.

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Want an Additional Resource?

Before Amen: The Power of a Simple Prayer by Max Lucado is a great resource on prayer.



2 thoughts on “Fancy Prayer Not Required”

  1. Thank you for this awesome message. I have been talking to God my father about healing from cancer for Riley Osmon and Cindy Bechtel.


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