Saturday…In Between

In between hopeless and hopeful.

Yesterday was Friday, and it was an eventful day for the disciples. They watched as Jesus was crucified, and it was an emotionally draining day. They are unaware tomorrow is Sunday, and it too will be an eventful day. Today, Saturday, the disciples are in between. They are in between hopelessness and hopefulness. They are recovering from a devastating week, and they must decide what to do next.

Some of them go back to the only thing they know. They go back to fishing. If only they were aware of tomorrow’s events. They could anticipate what was to come.

Life sometimes puts us in between. We find ourselves having to recover from devastation. We are in between illnesses and healthy tomorrows. We are in between a broken heart and great relationship. We are in between loss and life after the loss. We are in a season when we must decide what to do.

Thankfully, we have hope because Sunday has already come. We can base our decisions on hope. We can anticipate what the Lord is going to do. As you find yourself in between, cling to the hope that you have in Christ.

Cling to this hope that will never erode or fade, never perish or spoil. As you are in between, cling to this hope that is eternal and in Christ.

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